Craftworks show

The Swimming Pool series 

The pieces exhibited at Craftworks at Shoreditch Town Hall 15th-17th May 2024 are based on the movement of water in a swimming pool when the precise geometric grid of tiles is interrupted by motion - either from people in the pool or from weather elements such as rain or wind. 

Each piece is created using single use plastic and is made up of 400 individual 'tiles' created with a combination of dye and heat using a method developed during my MA in textile design at Norwich University of the Arts several years ago. Each tile is painted, printed, hand cut and randomly hand stitched to a painted canvas backing creating the texture of an interrupted grid. Each piece uses at least twelve (2 pint) milk cartons, saving them from going to landfill. 

Below are Ripple in Green, Ripple in Blue and Ripple in Pink and Ripple in Black.

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